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IKEA Better Living is a private-labeled version of the JouleBug platform.





App Development

A private-labeled platform for IKEA Better Living’s coworkers and customers

IKEA has been using the JouleBug platform to encourage sustainability in their organization for over five years. The reach of the app has grown considerably in this time.


IKEA wanted a way to showcase its considerable sustainable product offerings and planet-focused initiatives.

IKEA wanted to engage coworkers and help them better understand their product lines, how they can be used to lower customers’ impact and how to better sell to their customers. IKEA wanted to engage their millions of IKEA Family customers in making sustainable choices at their stores, and establish the IKEA brand as a benchmark for sustainability in their industry. Their app consists of mostly custom-created actions that align with and promote their sustainable product choices. 


The JouleBug platform helps IKEA track the impact of its Initiatives

IKEA hosts challenges throughout the world in 25 markets for coworkers and customers. They offer significant incentives and prizes and involve leadership and influencers to increase participation. The JouleBug platform helps them track the significant impact their initiatives have.

The Challenge was a big hit with our co-workers and we had great participation! We'll definitely be repeating this activity.

Brendan Seale

IKEA Canada

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