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Why “Experience First” Is Right for Us and Our Clients

June 1, 2018

I’ve been in the service industry since I was a kid.  In fact, my first ‘real job’ was working for a small company that owned a fish market and a cajun catering company.  The catering company taught me the value of presentation. No matter how good something tastes, the way it looks is part of the experience.

Fast forward, more years than I’d care to share, we’ve decided at Carimus to focus on experience early in any new project or customer relationship.

What do I mean by experience?  As many people in the technical consulting industry will tell you, requirements are really hard to pin down. So, after 15 years of mistakes we discovered a key insight: without writing a single line of code, we can define the user experience and look + feel of the project through wireframes, UI designs, and high fidelity clickable prototypes.   

The benefit of experience first, is more than just creating eye candy, it helps us to:

+Have a clear understanding of the user requirements

+Create a visual and experiential guide to make sure that our team and our client are on the same page

+Gives the client the ability to update branding and marketing, as well as getting key stakeholders on board early in the process

+Provides something impactful that both our team and our clients can be proud of.  

Our experience first mindset is a key part of our best practice in custom web and mobile application development.   This single process element is a tremendous tool which helps us manage expectations, define technical requirements and ultimately deliver excellent software.  This process makes projects easier on our internal business and development teams as well as our clients. With the clickable prototype and creative, we all have something to reference.  

This imperative realization is one of many that came from our partnership with the Everest Agency and is a true testament to how our businesses complement one another. It is with great pleasure that we have officially merged under Carimus LLC and we look forward to providing cutting-edge application development services for many years to come!

If you’re interested in learning more about our experience first methodology and how we can make your next project come to life, both visually and technically, shoot us a note at or reach out through the contact page!

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