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Welcoming Lewis Kennebrew to the Carimus crew

September 21, 2021

Lewis Kennebrew, Chief Delivery Officer

Carimus is excited to welcome Lewis Kennebrew to the crew as our Chief Delivery Officer! Lewis is joining our leadership team to formalize our Delivery Services with a focus on improved delivery quality, consistency, training and capacity projections.

Lewis has been in management consulting, with a focus on Product Lifestyle Management (PLM) for 24 years. During his career, Lewis created his own strategy business called Daju Proof, where he focused primarily on strategic planning and business model development.

Lewis said there are many things he’s proud of accomplishing during his career. However, the highlight for him was when a former employee he brought on as an entry-level hire and mentored, reached out to him on LinkedIn to thank Lewis for everything he taught him. 

“I was just touched because you know, you try to help people. But to help somebody in their career, I guess that’s probably what I’m most proud of,” he said. “It was nice to know you were able to help somebody learn some things that helped them be more effective.”

During Lewis’ time at Carimus, he hopes to continue carrying out Carimus’ mission of working with companies we admire. 

“I’m not trying to say, ‘Oh, it’s got to go in a wholly different direction.’ It’s (Carimus) doing already a lot of the things that I like or would have tried to champion,” Lewis said.

Carimus already has many policies that Lewis likes, such as there being an intern in every department.

“I think that’s important, you know? Basically to grow the next generation of business leaders,” he said. 

Carimus is thrilled to have Lewis as a part of our team, and we can’t wait to continue growing our business and carrying out our mission. 

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