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Interns of Carimus: The expedition of a lifetime

June 24, 2021

Authored by: Regan Andersen, Project Management Intern

Imagine a jungle with canopies of green stretching far above the forest floor. The unknown lies in front of you and the explored pools in every footstep you have already taken. You hear a low growl ahead. A beast hides in the thick undergrowth of the forest floor and your path is no longer as certain.

I stand in this jungle of unknowns and innovation every day, surrounded by the wisdom of the past, a fearless team and the excitement of what lies ahead. Our ‘beasts’ at Carimus are the projects we take on with skill, passion and a plan – because every good expedition starts with a plan.

As a project management intern here, I have been able to see these plans in action from start to finish. Each project comes with its own set of challenges our team skillfully and flexibly runs with to ensure a successful outcome. This agency tackles their beasts with a ferocity and hunger that is hard to find elsewhere in the Triangle area.

Expeditions often need a fearless leader and loyal followers, but Carimus has something unique. The Carimus team works with management who values their employees and the rapid growth of skill sets within and across different departments.

I quickly understood my value within the greater organization and was welcomed by the company’s ‘people first’ mentality. Everyone here expected me to do great things and made sure I knew I would be supported throughout my journey with Carimus.

In my first month at Carimus, I was able to talk to the head of each department and get to know members of their teams. This is impressive as many of our teammates are still working remotely.

I come from a general business background and didn’t know many of the intricacies of web design and development – and these quick introductions helped me gain a knowledge base of what to expect.

Carimus’ values reach far beyond our office walls, extending into the companies we work with as well. Every client we work with is responsive and inviting, and has included me in requests and communications. I’ve been able to sit in on weekly meetings, ask questions and give feedback on designs.

The clients I have had the pleasure of working with have taught me lessons from their personal career paths and provided insights into their lives. They share big moments with us, as we help create their brands and bring their identities to life, and that is what makes our work so meaningful.

On my next adventure, I hope to gain an even deeper understanding of project management and learn more about what Carimus has to offer. I know my plans will be strong, my team will be ready and I will finish this expedition better than I started.

That’s the big picture, but for right now – it’s another big step into the jungle of undiscovered opportunities.

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