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Carimus acquires JouleBug, innovative sustainability app

April 5, 2021

A custom, private challenge to promote health, well-being and drive employee engagement

Carimus is excited to announce the acquisition of JouleBug. For over 10 years, JouleBug has sat at the forefront of the gamification of environmental awareness and wellness for companies and their employees. With over 100k users, JouleBug is making a measurable difference in customers’ ESG results for some of the world’s most admired brands.


“Impact is at the heart of our business, by bringing JouleBug into Carimus, we are able to realize that vision and deliver authentic ecological and social impact experiences to our customers and their employees,” said Tony Pease, CEO of Carimus. “We are very excited to have the JouleBug team and technology join the Carimus Family.” 

JouleBug lets co-workers compete in sustainability, civic, wellness and remote engagement challenges to encourage workplace camaraderie through delivering engaging experiences developed by industry experts.

The application gives organizations a private social network, where co-workers can share posts and photos corresponding with the actions they are taking. Co-workers are able to follow what others in their organization are doing and encourage them with likes and comments along the way.

Hundreds of Actions are available to encourage growth in all aspects of the selected challenge; sustainability, wellness, civic or remote engagement. Users complete actions, rack up points, gather badges and trophies and win company-sponsored prizes.

Founded more than a decade ago, JouleBug was created with the mission to change the way people view their environmental footprint.

“JouleBug was created to make sustainable living simple and fun. We wanted everyone to see that they could make easy changes to their daily habits to reduce their impact on the planet. JouleBug’s sophisticated impact calculations show users what they’ve saved through their actions, and even more powerful, show them the collective impact they’ve had together with their community. It is amazing to see what people having fun and working together can accomplish. We have loved seeing this tool expand beyond sustainability and motivate users to improve all aspects of their well-being with JouleBug,” said founder of JouleBug, Grant Williard.

To learn more, go to, or download the app on Google Play or the App Store to join the challenge today!

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