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What should go into your media kit

December 2, 2020

Building a relationship with the press can prove to be a key tool in growing your business. In last week’s blog post, we gave you some tips for preparing your media kit. This week, we’re going to tell you what needs to go into your actual kit.

As a quick refresher: a media kit also known as a press kit, is a document containing information about your company or business. 

We’ll break it down by sections and use Carimus as an example for you to follow along with.

Company overview

The first section of your kit needs to contain an overview of your company. Let the reader know when you were established, what your mission is and what you do. 

This is also a section where you’ll pitch your value. What makes you stand out in what you do?

In Carimus’ case, we are at the intersection of art and engineering. We re-imagined the service-delivery model, combining creative, software development and strategy within a single organization, making it easier for innovators to bring products to the market. 

Keep it around 100 words. You need to grab the reader’s attention here, and a whole block of words will make most people exit out of your kit. This needs to be a short summary and hit all the points as efficiently as possible. 

Also include statistics about your company, like the size, number of team members and number of projects completed.

Awards and certifications

Make sure to list the awards you’ve received as a company. Including the top 5 awards helps validate your business, and will make the reader interested to learn more about you.

If you’ve received any certifications, make sure to include those as well. For example, Carimus is certified by both the National Veteran Business Development Council and Veteran Owned Small Business. 

Once again, these certifications add to the validation of your company and give people a better idea of who you are.

Latest news

In this section you’ll list and link to your latest press releases, events or news articles you feel will be of interest to whoever you decide to send the media kit to.

This is where you announce company updates and milestones, and will be the stories that interest the press. The goal of a media kit is to get the press interested enough to write an article about your company. Make sure to keep that in mind throughout the entire process of building your kit.

Your press release needs to always be up to date. Whether that be with the latest news, awards, certifications and most importantly, contact information. You can’t get an article written about your company if the press has no way of contacting you.


Humans are visual creatures. This is a motto I preach as both a journalist and an individual in marketing. I say it at least twice a day, so I cannot stress enough just how important it is that your media kit be visually appealing.

No one wants to read blocks upon blocks of text. There needs to be photos and graphics so you can break it up and keep the reader interested. 

Plus, the better your kit looks and more professional it is, the better chance you’ll have of getting an article written about your business.

Now that you’ve built a beautiful press kit, the next step is sending it off! In the next and final blog post on media kits, we’ll give you the rundown of what needs to go in your email when sending it off to the press.

Need help creating a strong and successful press kit that shows off your business? We’ve got you covered! Contact us at today.

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