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Sending out your media kit

December 17, 2020

These last few weeks, we’ve shared some tips with you on how to create a media kit and why it is essential to growing your business. 

The previous two parts can be found here and here

If you’ve been following along, by now you should have identified your audience and the journalists and papers you want to reach out to. You also know all the material that needs to go into your kit. Now, the final step is sending it out into the world. 


Email will be your main medium of communication for sending out your media kit. Most often, you are sending this kit out when you are announcing exciting news for the company and it will contain a press release.

The subject line of your email should be the title of your press release. Then, the body should be your actual release. Don’t attach it via pdf, the only thing attached to your email should be your media kit and a few images for your company. After all, you can’t write a story without images.

Also make sure your release has some quotes in it! A journalist may reach out to you for an interview after reading your release, but if they are going solely on the release, it’s important to have quotes. They can’t publish a story without them. 

Remember, don’t just send this out to every single paper/magazine/journal you find in your area. Your story needs to be relevant to their audience and publication.

Another reason you’re sending out your media kit is because you want to introduce your company and see if the journalist would be interested in writing about you. In this case, your email should be short and to the point.

Think of this like an elevator pitch and answer these questions within the email. What makes your company unique? What value does this have to the journalists’ paper and audience? Why should they care?

Include a photo within the body of your email to break up the text and also draw the interest of the reader. This also applies if you’re sending out your media kit for a press release. 

Have a ZIP file containing images of your company attached to the email along with your media kit. They can’t write a story without images.

You may end up getting some bounceback emails, but don’t be discouraged! Call the publication and ask if you’ve sent it to the right person, and if not, who should you be sending it to?

Now your media kit is out in the world! From here, you should be hearing back from people, or following-up with them asking if they received your email and how you would like to work with them.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this series and that it’s been helpful to you! Building a relationship with the press and getting in publications will help spread awareness about your business and attract leads. The more people who know about you, the better!

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