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Carimus Leads Planworx through Dynamic Rebranding and Landing Page Development

May 19, 2020

As a creative agency focused on digital marketing and app development, we love any opportunity to work with creative companies like Raleigh’s Planworx.

A full-service architectural firm, the Planworx model, much like our own, depends on producing stunning work through creatives at the peak of their powers. Whether you’re a developer, designer, engineer, or architect, creating websites, marketing collateral, or mixed-use communities takes inspiration and professionalism. 

Our recent collaboration with the Planworx team, the company’s rebranding and landing page development, is a great example of the synergy that like-minded companies can achieve. And even though Planworx came to us under a pretty tight time constraint, wanting to present its new brand in time for a job fair, even the constraint of time just made us focus and execute better, together.

“It’s really great when you see a client like Planworx come in with an open mind, despite their relative maturity,” said Carimus co-founder Bryan Martin. “There’s some risk to updating a long-standing brand, but there’s often risk in staying put, too. Together, we navigated those risks and came up with a timely update that looks like we had all year to do it, in a matter of weeks.”  

Designer Hannah Kinney executed the Planworx rebrand and logo design, creating a new color palette and custom stencil font that captures a modern take on a vintage builder motif. Since architects and engineers are masters of geometry, among other pursuits, Planworx embraced Hannah’s idea to incorporate a distinct square for the initialized brand mark to be used in short-form venues like social media and stationery. The stencil P enclosed in a square inspired another twist that perhaps only an architectural firm could pull off: square postcards as marketing collateral for the company’s job fair. 

The standout collateral materials, as well as a rebranded landing page developed by Daniel Dayton, served as Planworx reasserting itself in the marketplace as a company built on people with a unique set of values and approaches to creating communities where people live in and work.

“The initial work with our friends at Planworx serves as a case study in what’s possible when you acknowledge limitations like time and absolutely make the best of it,” said Martin. “While we are taking more time for a more expanded expression of the firm and its work, Daniel’s work on the landing page captures the company at its essence. Rather than feeling like something’s missing, you really get who they are and what they do—and most importantly, why—in this concentrated, powerful form. This work shows that giving yourself and the client a challenge that’s scoped properly can yield great results.”

We are looking forward to doing more great work with the team at Planworx. As their newly articulated brand philosophy says, exceptional people make for an exceptional company and service. The team at Carimus couldn’t agree more.

Read more about our rebranding and logo design services or our landing page development services.

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