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New sports facility engages Carimus for brand launch

September 14, 2020

Swing Racquet + Paddle, a $65 million racquet sports facility coming to the heart of the Triangle in two years, officially launched its brand in February thanks to a partnership with Carimus. 

Partners Rob Autry and Jason DeGroff approached Carimus to develop the brand, architecture, assets and website for the organization. In 2022 the facility will open and feature 34 tennis courts, 29 pickleball courts, a 30,000-square-foot fitness facility and 10,000-square-foot gymnasium.

Originally conceived as primarily a tennis facility, the explosive growth of pickleball in the N.C. Triangle region pushed the team to brand with more balance, resulting in the project’s new moniker, Swing Racquet + Paddle. However, Swing will still be a major regional tennis facility, with one of its courts featuring capacity for up to 3,000 spectators. 

The founders expect to host or co-host major U.S. Tennis Association events in addition to regular play from its members. Fellow Carimus client HH Architecture of Raleigh is leading the design of the recreational center, located in the Brier Creek area that bridges Raleigh and Durham near RDU International Airport. 

“We love projects where we get in on the ground floor with an ambitious startup, led by great people like Rob and Jason,” said Carimus co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Tony Pease. “We’ve spent a lot of time helping them research the market and be proactive based on our findings. The results of our intense collaboration are a source of great pride for us at Carimus, as projects of this scope, much less the opportunity to brand them, don’t come along every day.”

To support the Swing team’s goal of becoming a household name in the Triangle and across NC tennis circles, Carimus developed a scalable website and social media channels to enhance communications with the community, as well as graphics and collateral for the planned announcements the team will make prior to launch. 

“We hope this is the beginning of a long partnership that will see Swing really impact recreation and tourism in the Triangle and the state of North Carolina,” Pease added. “It shows the viability of the region that we were selected to launch this type of facility, and Swing will benefit players and fans alike.”

For more information and updates as Swing Racquet + Paddle comes to fruition, visit and make sure to check out our other projects at today!


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