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Leveraging existing technology to promote employee engagement

July 17, 2020

Carimus fosters employee engagement with JouleBug Enterprise’s Remote Engagement Challenge

Employee Engagement offers countless benefits, whether it be increased profitability, better retention or more effective performance. Despite these benefits, only a quarter of business leaders actually use employee engagement strategies in their businesses.

Prior to the global pandemic, we had a flexible work-from-home policy that allowed us to work remotely when needed. However, we still had the office environment which provided a space that allowed us to stay engaged. At the beginning of COVID-19, we began discussing what we could do to stay connected as a team and continue engaging with one another despite not being together physically.

To fight this problem, we partnered with JouleBug Enterprises, utilizing their application, to develop the Remote Engagement Challenge. The Remote Engagement Challenge is a custom, private, challenge to promote health, well-being and drive employee engagement. The challenge features customizable actions that encourage proven positive behavior in categories like Mental Health, Fitness, Camaraderie and Productivity.

Carimus decided to participate in the week-long Remote Engagement challenge and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We have all been working remotely and this challenge allowed us to focus on physical and mental wellness while also staying connected virtually. We shared roughly 500 actions and lots of pictures of pets, indoor workouts and work stations over the five-day challenge. Some of the most popular logged actions were utilizing natural light, tidying your workspace, taking a lunch break and staying hydrated. 

When the challenge was over, our People and Culture Manager, Karen Small, said “Our challenge at Carimus was a blast! Friendly competition with coworkers and encouragement to implement good habits were two very positive aspects of the challenge. I am still remembering those healthy habits long after the challenge was completed, which is awesome!”

After we had such great success, we knew we had to share this opportunity with more teams just like ours.

One of our first participants was the Honors and Scholars Village at North Carolina State University. Due to the pandemic, students were sent home and a community that focused heavily on in-person engagement struggled to find a voice. By sharing their experiences learning from home, the community was able to come together in a new way.

One student emailed us to say, “Through the challenge, JouleBug encouraged me to exercise habits that made being a student from home easier and more enjoyable, as well as allowing me to make connections with people in my community!”

We’ve also hosted challenges for theChive and their partner, Chive Charities. The Chive Charities had more than 16,800 points from actions logged during their week-long challenge. Following the challenge, we created a survey where a member told us, “I’ve really been loving it – it’s helped me get out of the mental rut I’ve been feeling.”

We have seen Joulebug Enterprise’s Remote Engagement Challenge have an incredible impact on our partners and their teams, and we want to open up the experience to anyone who is interested. Along with the challenge, we built a powerful dashboard allowing managers to access user analytics and create custom activities and experiences throughout the challenge. For more information on how to start your own challenge, get in touch through our website or email us directly at!

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