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JouleBug Beyond Sustainability

March 28, 2022

Sharing some of the creative and unique ways our platform has been used to encourage behaviors beyond sustainability.  

JouleBug got started by encouraging and rewarding sustainable behaviors. Our platform is built on the gamification of impact, calculations, statistics, and of course – fun!

We have seen countless communities, companies, and teams utilize our platform to make changes to their day to day life to save carbon, water, and waste.

From early on, we’ve heard that our platform’s fun and engaging way to encourage sustainable change could be utilized for all sorts of engagements and behavior change. Years ago, we started expanding our content to include Fitness, Nutrition, and Civic content.

Even with the breadth of content we now include in our platform, we still see amazing and creative ways to extend the platform’s capabilities further than we ever thought possible. Here are a few of the unique ways our platform has been used to encourage behaviors beyond sustainability.  

  • The Chive Random Act of Kindness Challenge: Chive Charities opened up a challenge to all their member chapters across the US. The focus? Acts of Kindness! All their actions were centered around giving back and paying it forward. We loved seeing how people chose to spread kindness, and with almost 500 participants, there was a lot to go around. They awarded top teams and individuals discount codes to their online store and even tickets to their annual fundraiser gala.
  • Remote Engagement Challenges: When the pandemic hit, companies sent people home, and then had to figure out how to keep them engaged from afar. We saw many organizations that were concerned about the health and well-being of their employees, including our own! Because of this, we rolled out the remote engagement challenge. This was a mash-up of physical health, mental health, and WFH best practices. It made for a fun way for employees to share and interact with one another, while ensuring they were making themselves a priority in the crazy time we were all living through.

While we continue to be passionate about sustainability, and helping all our clients and users reach their ESG and impact goals, we love seeing how our platform can encourage all types of positive behavior change. Want to make an impact with JouleBug? Eco, health, civic, you name it – we’ve got you covered! Reach out today!

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