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Five Key SEO Trends during the COVID-19 Pandemic

July 29, 2020

Google Algorithm Update

In May, Google rolled out a new algorithm update which caused some unique search results. As with every algorithm update, there’s been some winners, and there’s been some less fortunate. Among the winners, Pinterest began to dominate Search Engine Result Pages. Pinterest’s takeover of Google Image search results is well documented, even inspiring a Chrome Extension to remove them from the results. Pinterest results continue to show up under different top level domains causing the first page of search results to be filled with Pinterest pages.

Increases for e-Commerce

Following Pinterest’s trend with a bump in  search performance, Amazon and Etsy are receiving duplicate results as well. As brick and mortar stores continue to operate at limited capacity, e-commerce is at an all time high, smashing online retail numbers from last year. This led to the idea that Google’s search algorithm became significantly adjusted to fit what consumers are looking for during quarantine, with results showing in online shopping and social media. 

How COVID-19 Has Affected Your Business

Although many businesses are suffering due to the ongoing pandemic, these unprecedented times are presenting them with a unique opportunity to perform Search Engine Optimization. Every potential customer feels the impact of COVID-19 and businesses who are able to create content relevant to customers’ experiences will be favored in search. A great example of this in action is one of our clients, SoftPro LLC. On their blog, they are regularly posting relevant information to not only keep clients in the loop on what they are working on, but also updating them about the pandemic’s impact on the  entire real estate industry.

A Focus on Local

The pandemic placed an emphasis on supporting local businesses, making Search Engine Optimization for Local Search Engine Result Pages much more important. Taking small steps such as creating and regularly updating your Google My Business page with information relevant to your businesses operations will help you rank above your competitors and drive more people to your website, and your business.

Gain an Edge on Your Competitors

As businesses rebound from the initial effects of the pandemic, we will see how many restore the budgets of their Search Engine Optimization teams and focus on organic marketing. If your competitors are not performing Search Engine Optimization, or are cutting their efforts in response to the pandemic, even small, regular maintenance will help increase your presence in the 3.5 billion searches that are performed every day.

At Carimus, our digital strategy  experts can help you navigate the ever-changing world of Search Engine Optimization and drive users to your website with a strategic solution that best fits your needs.  If you are interested in learning about our digital marketing and complete Search Engine Optimization services, check out the services we offer or send us an email at!

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