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Carimus Wins 2018 American Graphic Design Awards for RigPark, GoodBookey Campaigns

January 25, 2019

Carimus is pleased to announce the recognition of two of its promotional campaigns in Graphic Design USA’s annual awards competition, the 2018 American Graphic Design Awards.

Our first winner is a Carimus-conceived campaign in support of trucking app RigPark. Designed to make life easier for truckers by providing high-quality, convenient parking in areas where it’s typically hard to find the innovative RigPark app pairs truck drivers with local property owners who allow trucks to park quickly and conveniently on their property. It’s a win-win scenario, with property owners getting a new, cost-free source of revenue and truckers getting easy parking.

The winning campaign for RigPark included a website, clickable prototype, and animations.

Our second winner is the GoodBookey College Football Challenge campaign, in support of the agency’s own fast-growing charitable wager app. The College Football Challenge was the first of its kind on the platform, giving GoodBookey users the joy of playing in a weekly pick ‘em competition, with the ability to win great prizes while supporting impactful charities. During the Challenge, users raised money for designated organizations like the American Cancer Society and Wings for Warriors – an Arizona-based nonprofit support network benefitting wounded service members.

This campaign promoted Carimus’ flagship app, GoodBookey, a sports-based charity fundraising platform that utilizes the fun and popularity of peer-to-peer sports betting for the greater good. GoodBookey is available for download in the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store.

The winning campaign for GoodBookey included an app, social graphics, animations, and a website. 

Graphic Design USA is the foremost source of business-to-business information in the graphic design industry. 2018 marks the 55th year of its annual American Graphic Design awards, a celebration of the best designers and most innovative projects in the nation. Of the roughly 10,000 submissions received, Graphic Design USA honors just 10 percent with awards. The organization’s industry expertise and selectivity have earned its annual awards a highly prestigious reputation.

“We are very grateful to be honored by the American Graphic Design Awards, especially alongside so many other talented designers and incredible campaigns,” said Carimus co-founder and CEO Tony Pease. “This award validates what we think balances us as an agency, the ability to execute on technical development and beautiful user experience. We appreciate our clients for inspiring us and collaborating with us to create work that we are proud to put forward, and thanks to those who have followed our journey throughout 2018. It has been our best year creatively at Carimus, and I can’t wait to see the adventures 2019 holds for all of us.”

If you’re interested in partnering with us on your next big project, shoot us a message. We’d love to help you bring your ideas to life! For more information on the American Graphic Design Awards, visit

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