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Carimus Takes Las Vegas as 2019 CES Exhibitor

January 18, 2019

What a thrill for the Carimus team last week, as we experienced our first Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Bigger and better than ever, CES now seems to transcend consumer electronics in our evolving world where the lines between technology and everyday life blur more by the day.

For the duration of the week, we set up camp at the Aria Casino in the Sports Zone of what’s known as C-Space, an immersive experience that unites the world’s innovators, marketers, and creatives. The Sports Zone specifically serves as a platform to showcase game-changing innovations that will affect athletic performance, fan engagement, and the business of sports. Obviously, the Sports Zone was a great place for us to show off our evolving GoodBookey app, where we are going beyond peer-to-peer wagering for charity and expanding into prop bets and sponsored contests that tie into league seasons and more.

As a team, we had a great time checking out developments from other industry experts in our field and seeing the latest and greatest innovations in consumer electronics. We connected with a lot of professionals that really believed in what we’re doing with GoodBookey, which was both humbling and refreshing after all the hard work we’ve put into the GoodBookey experience.

One of the highlights of our week at CES was connecting with a group of young professionals that worked in the software industry for companies like Cisco. They thought that the idea of GoodBookey was so profound that they came back to our booth four separate times, not only to learn more about the concept but to propose new ideas.  “The smiles on their faces and enthusiasm they shared for GoodBookey was so incredibly inspiring,” said Carimus co-founder Tony Pease. “It makes me so happy to encounter people who really love GoodBookey and really believe in it.”

Not only did we walk away feeling like we had spread the word about GoodBookey on the consumer level, but we also left feeling like we made some great corporate connections that could help take GoodBookey and fundraising on our platform to the next level. That’s the power of CES, and why you see it growing year after year, pushing its boundaries of influence to greater levels each time.

“It’s great for us to be in Las Vegas, the Mecca of gambling, to see how our work collides with the latest innovations at the intersection of technology, gaming, and sports,” said Tyler Eshraghi, Director of Business Development. “The feedback we received from visitors to our booth both validates where we’re taking GoodBookey and lays out some paths for future exploration. CES brings together the best and brightest of our industry and challenges us to set new standards for ourselves in the coming years.”

To learn more about GoodBookey, visit our website and if you have questions about how you can partner with us don’t hesitate to reach out!

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