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Carimus participates in JouleBug Earth Day challenge to promote sustainability

April 29, 2021

Earth Week resembles Black Friday for any company or organization centered around sustainability, and Carimus is no different. This is our favorite time of the year, when we get to help so many organizations engage their employees in fun challenges through JouleBug and see how we can all take steps to lighten our impact on the planet. 

With more companies and individuals wanting to take action and become more eco-friendly, JouleBug challenges are the perfect way to take a closer look at their actions and what they can change to help the environment. 

While our team was busy supporting and assisting all the amazing companies having challenges on our platform, we couldn’t help but host our own! 

The entire Carimus team came together to show off their sustainability skills for a week-long challenge in the JouleBug Enterprise app. Having recently acquired JouleBug, this Earth Day Challenge was the perfect opportunity for the entire Carimus Team to see what the app can really do! And we have to say, even after seeing hundreds of challenges run throughout the years, our JouleBug team was very impressed with the outcome!

Not only was the app activity feed full of amazing photos, captions and comments; but our Slack channels were abuzz with friendly banter and trash (nay, recycle) talk. 

There’s never a better time to debate if you should eat pizza with a fork and knife, than when that (reusable) fork and knife will earn you some sweet JouleBug points.

In the end, our Software Engineer, Leo, took home the coveted top spot on the leaderboard, racking up a total of 3,890 points!

“I think using Joulebug helped me commit to doing more sustainable actions during my daily routine, and at the same time even helped me with time management and structure!” Leo said. “Using Joulebug also thrust easy changes I could make right in front of me so I had to try them out.”

Leo said he’s even incorporating many of these actions into his daily routine, despite the challenge being over. For example, he’s finding himself taking shorter showers, which gives him more time to do other things, and is air-drying his dishes.

In second place, we have our Office Manager, Loayne, with a total of 3,470 points, and in third is our Finance Manager, Michelle with 2,756 points!

Our top three were awarded with awesome, eco-friendly prizes. They will have the chance to check out The Produce Box – a local CSA, Compost Now – a company providing residential and commercial composting programs, or head to Logan’s Nursery to brighten up their homes and yards with new plants. 

We love prizes that encourage sustainable actions to continue even after the challenge is over!

“Joulebug was engaging and fun. It also allowed me the opportunity to involve my young children while I took photos and explained each post. It held me accountable to be more sustainable for sure!” Michelle said.

If you are looking for a fun and engaging activity to bring together your (in-person or remote) workforce, look no further than a JouleBug Challenge. And don’t think you missed the boat with Earth Day passed. World Environment day is June 5, another amazing opportunity to show our appreciation for the world around us.

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