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Carimus Launches New Site for Raleigh’s HH Architecture

October 5, 2019

Architecture is a unique profession in that it draws on both left- and right-brain knowledge: A successful architect must have both immense creativity and a keen understanding of concepts in math and physics. Websites for architecture firms must capture this vibrant, interesting mix of skills and approaches that architects bring to the world.

Recently, we had the pleasure of partnering with HH Architecture, a full-service design, and architecture firm in Raleigh. Like many firms, the team at HH has a specific focus, and in their case, that’s creating beautiful public spaces. 

“As creatives in web design and development, graphic design, and copywriting, we have a great appreciation for architects,” said Carimus founder Tony Pease. “Just like we apply our talents to make a difference for individuals and businesses, HH Architecture puts their creativity to work for places like parks, museums, and university buildings, inspirational pieces of our shared landscape.”  

HH Architecture is based in large part around collaboration. They work closely with clients to find design solutions that add value to their organizations, enabling better engagement with talent as well as clients.  “Much like Carimus, they’re a company that strives to bring their clients’ visions to life,” said Pease. “In that sense, we can relate to them as an organization.”

HH Architecture’s inspirational work is also socially responsible, with a focus on accessibility, diversity, and inclusivity. They pride themselves on making work that is contextual, concept-driven, sustainable, and transcendent. 

The task at hand for Carimus’ design team, led by Hannah Kinney, was to create a website as sleek and modern as HH Architecture’s designs. The end result shows true mastery of the modern aesthetic, featuring a unique combination of colors including white, grey, yellow, and accents of blue and orange. The new site captures the wild creativity and accessible professionalism of the team at HH Architecture.

“They are fun and creative,” said Project Manager Hannah Johnson. “The new design reflects that, and it gives them a vital tool for recruiting and business development. It communicates their personality and their capabilities with great balance.”  

“I was thrilled with what our team came up with together because I think it showcases HH Architecture’s strengths so well,” says Pease. “They put a lot of thought into each of their designs. And because they work so closely with clients, their website as well as their work is all different, but unified by a few common qualities like responsibility and attention to detail.”

HH Architecture has designed spaces for schools, cultural institutions, healthcare, fitness, recreation, government, and more. Their projects include Brier Creek Upper School in Durham; the Dairy Museum in Raleigh; and three dorm renovations at UNC Wilmington.

“We want to help people from those walks of life – discovery, wellness, recreation – to connect to us,” says Pease. “It was a great match. We work hard to be the agency that clients like HH Architecture deserve, and we hope to be deserving of clients like them.”

To learn more about HH Architecture and see their work in action, visit

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