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Carimus and GoodBookey CEO Tony Pease To Speak at AASBS

June 17, 2019

It’s a good day to love sports betting in America. The Supreme Court’s recent ruling on sports betting legislation has relaxed many of the rules and regulations that used to restrict the practice, allowing for exciting and unprecedented opportunities. Tony Pease, founder and CEO of Carimus and GoodBookey, will speak later this week at the foremost gathering of internationally acclaimed sports betting professionals – the All American Sports Betting Summit (AASBS).

Tony will share his secrets for success with a presentation titled “Emerging Sports Betting Technology for the American Market” on day one of the conference. He will also take part in a panel, “What Punters Want – Player Acquisition and Retention Strategies for the American Market,” on day two. In addition to Tony’s remarks, there will be a variety of helpful programs concerning growth and improvement in the sports betting sector.

The AASBS takes place June 18 – 19 in Monmouth Park, New Jersey. The event will feature distinguished speakers from a number of relevant industries: gaming association leaders, technology moguls, responsible gambling advocates, and media experts, to name a few. Some of the most influential voices in sports betting will be there – including NBC Sports,, TheScore, and the American Gaming Association.

AASBS strives to bring the greatest minds in sports betting together, then give them a platform to share their success strategies. In the fast-paced, rapidly-changing environment of sports betting, this groundbreaking event is sure to lead to many valuable insights and connections. Leaders from all the subsectors involved in sports betting will have much to learn from each other.

“It’s a special thing to be able to speak alongside these powerhouses in the betting and gaming industries,” says Tony. He went on to explain that America’s history as a sports-loving country makes the setting particularly fun. While the conference will include international insights from sports betting professionals of all different origins, the programming will focus on bringing these insights to the unique American market, where football and baseball are like a religion to many, and sports like basketball, hockey, and even soccer have huge followings.

“Sports culture in the United States – plus SCOTUS’ recent decisions regarding sports betting – mean the time is right for something like this industry gathering,” says Tony. “I also think the GoodBookey story will teach people a thing or two about using gaming for good – an area where there’s enormous growth potential. I’m excited to share our message and mission with people who can truly affect change.”

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