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Bloomsbury Landscapes Engages Carimus for New Website

February 2, 2020

Leading Raleigh landscaping firm Bloomsbury Landscapes recently hired Carimus to revamp its website to align more closely with the branding of its largest customer.

Founded in the early 1980s as the in-house landscaping firm of Raleigh’s York Properties has grown as York has grown, as well as through new client acquisition over more than 30 years. Bloomsbury posed a rather unique challenge, in that it’s an independent firm that needs its brand to reflect the formative DNA of its biggest relationship. 

Carimus proved to be the ideal partner for Bloomsbury’s online refresh, as we have recently completed a similar project for York itself. Hannah Kinney, lead designer on the project, extended Bloomsbury’s color palate, leading with a primary navy that complements York’s primary red. The result is another design that projects a regal image, class, and the longevity achieved by a company now beginning its fifth decade in business. 

While the new Bloomsbury site didn’t have the complex performance challenges and demands from multiple user groups facing York’s refresh, the new site serves a similar purpose to sites that showcase the work of creative firms. Since the company takes a highly creative approach to landscape design and maintenance, the Carimus development team built the new site with a portfolio page that displays a diversity of projects. 

In addition, site visitors now see an array of testimonials at every turn, a must in residential and commercial landscaping services. With the new site, Bloomsbury is now even better positioned to attract and retain business.

“We enjoyed working with the team at Bloomsbury,” stated Bryan Martin, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Carimus. “It was important that while adhering to the branding of York, we allowed this company’s brand to breathe on its own as well. The fact is, just like agencies such as Carimus, Bloomsbury needs to show its work to attract business. They do beautiful work, and I think this site update does justice to them.”

Check out the all-new Bloomsbury Landscapes site at

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