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2020 Carimus wrapped: meet the new hires

January 20, 2021

If there’s anything 2020 taught us, it’s to expect the unexpected. The entire world was thrown off its axis when COVID-19 hit, but Carimus was lucky enough to stay upright and bring on a total of 12 new team members!

In this post, we want everyone to meet a few of the new members of our Carimus team.

First up, we have Senior WordPress Developer Peter Baylies, who has been “turning caffeine into programs since 1986.”

Peter began professionally working with WordPress in 2011. He joined the crew after our People and Culture Manager, Karen Small, reached out to him in September, and the rest is history!

“The Carimus team is amazing; everyone is very helpful, but also very down-to-earth, which works well for me,” Peter said. 


During his time here, Peter hopes to help advance Carimus’ practices in WordPress, and to learn new skills along the way.

“I’ve been hooked on computers since before it was cool; my first was a Commodore 64 way back in the 80’s! Currently I’m interested in machine learning and generative art as well,” he said. 

Another new member of the web development team is Andrew Gillingham. Andrew found Carimus through a job posting on LinkedIn, but what made him want to work here was the company mindset and culture he saw in his interviews. 

“Everyone has been friendly and welcoming and quick to help me learn the ropes,” he said. “Leadership has created a culture where you’re challenged to continually grow, but are simultaneously very satisfied as an employee.”


Andrew looks forward to growing both personally and professionally, and of course, creating cool projects.

A fun fact about Andrew is that he originally went to law school for a year, but lucky for us, he decided programming was the best path for him.

Up next we have software engineer Rodrigo Trejo Contreras! Rodrigo is another member of our crew who found us through LinkedIn, and after checking out our website and getting a feel for who we are, he wanted to join the team.

“Carimus as a company embodies values that I identify with, in particular ‘Live in the ZOPD.’ Because of the culture and the values that Carimus lives by, I had to work here,” he said.


For those of you who may not know, ZOPD stands for Zone of Proximal Development, and here at Carimus, we challenge ourselves to continuously build our skills, but only take what we can handle so we can always deliver excellence. 

Rodrigo wants to continue keeping himself in the ZOPD, and work on impactful projects with people he enjoys working with while working here, (and he couldn’t have chosen a better place to do exactly that!)

“So far, working at Carimus has been fun and challenging,” Rodrigo said. “I love the team I’m on and have already learned so much. The biggest perk of working here is getting to work with great people.”

Even though 2020 was chaos, we were lucky enough to bring some amazing and talented people onto our team.

Stay tuned to meet more of our team, and be sure to keep up with us on our socials for news, updates and new faces!

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